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Demetria Hill Sloan

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Demetria Hill Sloan is committed to helping others achieve their personal and professional definitions of success. She is a certified leadership coach, life coach, trainer and motivational speaker. Demetria resides in Orlando, FL, with her husband and two kids.

Demetria Hill Sloan is the Founder & President of Vantage Point Coaching.  She combines nearly 20 years of sales, leadership, facilitation, and training experience with a candid, balanced communication style and unique ability to "cut through the clutter".  She is committed to coaching individuals to achieve higher levels of performance and personal fulfillment. Schedule your individual or organization consultation today at  ​

Early Praise 
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The purpose of this guide is to support the

formation of the healthy, beautiful, well-rounded

pearl which is YOU! After you read this book, my

hope is that you read it again and again; quietly

reflect and meditate on its words; jot down

personal notes in the self-reflection and action plan

sections after each chapter; and, reference these

pearls, like I do, when you find yourself stuck,

facing a challenge, or need reinforcement.

-Demetria Hill Sloan

In Pearls for the Journey, Demetria Sloan shares nine wonderful gems to live a full and purposeful life. To bring her list to an even ten, I would like to add Demetria herself. She’s a pearl of wisdom, strength, and authenticity who has made a difference in the lives of many along her journey.


Executive Coach, Speaker, and best selling author of Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows

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